Project Noah's Ark

The Largest Grassroots Building Project in American History

A $1.5 Trillion Project Being Built by Our 9/11 American Veterans
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About Us - The Evolution of a  Revolution

    Our Founder, Noah West, spent more than 30 years developing the highly advanced, World Class  American SuperHome – 15 years in design and on site construction of these homes– and 15 further years in design and advanced engineering. He has over 150 patents-in-process on the SuperHome. For more of his technology, please click on the link to our original web site at

        Mr. West
is CEO and Chairman of Project Noah's Ark, Inc. - a nonprofit Florida organization as well as 
the creator of the American SuperHome™, the Veteran's Green Bank™, and the Noah's Ark Global Villages™.

    You can read the letter to President Obama that started it all. Written in Feburary, 2011, it outlined the beginning of what has now become 'The Noah's Ark Movement'. The letter was felt lost when Mr. West's office was broken into and all computers, hard drives, and backups were destroyed.

        This letter could have changed the course of America and the Presidency.
A single copy was found buried in a forgotten email sent to a friend. Here is the original letter with a foreword.

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     Project Noah's Ark™ is specially designed from the beginning to be built by veterans for veterans and their families. It meant that our founder, Noah (Larry) West, and our Project Noah's Ark team had to overcome a host of huge problems that - until now - were considered unsolvable.  

        First, we had to design an entirely new species of home from the ground up - the World's First nearly indestructible, zero energy, zero carbon footprint, zero polluting, completely self contained and self-sustaining production home called - The American SuperHome.  

        Second, we needed to found an entirely new species of bank - a nonprofit, public, federally chartered, affirmative action Veteran's Green Bank that made the American SuperHome™ financially available to all veterans (essentially a citizen's version of the original GI Bill). 

        Third, we needed to reinvent a forgotten architecture called Main Street USA and unite it with a new (yet ancient) type of RE development we call Noah's Ark Global Villages™' that make in possible to build one million American SuperHomes™ across the Nation in the next 10 years. 

, we are  reviving the American family farm. Each of the 40 SuperHome Villages sets on a 40 acre organic farm. This design allows us to comply with all the usual zoning requirements, and yet build our villages in a fraction of the time DRI developments usually take. Building 25,000 self-contained organic farms across the Nation over the next 10 years will have a substantial impact on the local farming communities spreading organic farming practices as well as providing profitable local farmer's markets and farm produce outlets for organic, non-chemical, non-GMO foods. 

        Fifthand most difficult, We needed to do all this and more without it costing the taxpayers or the government anything in grants or economic stimulus money and without the need to pass a bill through Congress. If we had not found a way to do this, all our work would have been for naught, 

        Finallythe plan is complete and underway now. The technology is finished, the blueprints are in the hands of some dozen builders, the materials are readily available, millions of acres of farm land are available, the 
Veteran's Green Bank™ gives us access to billions in mortgage loans for our veterans, and we have one million of the very best workers in the world available - our veterans.


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